Knott Auditorium

4701 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21212, USA

Knott Auditorium is a 280-seat auditorium located on the first floor of Knott Science Center.


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Kerry Hudgins

Kerry Hudgins left a review 2/17/2014

While the film was great, and I appreciated the talk by the CRS employee after, getting to the film was an absolutely horrible experience. There were no signs indicating where to go or park, people I approached on the campus gave me conflicting information, as well as people affiliated with the event, and I ended up a full 40 minutes late to it. It was incredibly frustrating, and certainly tainted my experience. I was also not the only person who arrived so late or had so many issues in locating it. Please plan better in the future so ALL attendees can have a positive experience.


Christian left a positive review 11/9/2011

Very Inspiring evening!

Meridith Fell-Notre Dame

Meridith Fell-Notre Dame left a positive review 10/7/2011

Loved it! A great crowd was in attendance this past weekend at out Fall Open House! Thank you to all of the prospective students and their families who were able to join us to learn more about Notre Dame of Maryland University!

Also, a big thanks to all around campus who pitched in and made Saturday a great success! That's the Dame way!

Kristen Butler

Kristen Butler posted a photo 9/26/2011

Holly Miller

Holly Miller posted a photo 9/26/2010

Knott Auditorium

Knott Auditorium posted a photo 6/1/2010

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